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'Listen To Me’

Vidura came to know of this. He told Dhritharashtra: I do not approve of this game of dice. There will be a fight between brothers leading to disaster." But Dhritharashtra did not listen to these words. "When you, our grand-father Bhishma and I are here, nothing improper will be done. Take the chariot to Indraprasta and bring the Pandavas," said he. As Vidura did not want to disobey the orders of the elderly Dhritharashtra, he went to Indraprasta and brought the Pandavas, Draupadi and Kunthi to Hastinapura.

Shakuni played on behalf of Duryodhana and won a large part of Yudhishtira's wealth. Vidura felt that if the game proceeded in this manner there would be trouble. He went to Dhritharashtra and gave him advice. He said: "You may not relish my words, as a dying man does not relish medicine. But listen to me. Duryodhana is an evil man. He is born to destroy the race of Bharata. He is a fox hiding in your house. Although you know it, you are not on your guard. Unless he is checked, the Kauravas are not safe'. For the sake of a family, one person may have to be abandoned; for one village, a family may have to be abandoned; for the country a village may have to be abandoned. Do not wish the Pandavas ill jested for the love of wealth. Do not be happy because Duryodhana is winning. When the game is over and the conflict begins it will result in total disaster. We know Shakuni's game. He is a cheat. Let him leave this place."

Duryodhana was drunk with success. He grew angry at the words of Vidura. He turned to Vidura and said angrily: "Although you are one of us you wish us ill, you are like a serpent in our lap. Did we seek your advice about what is good for us Therefore, leave this place at once."

Vidura did not lose his temper. Keeping in view the good of the royal family of Bharata he gave Duryodhana advice. He said: "You may get a number of people who speak what you like; but it is difficult to find people who speak what is good for you although it may appear unpleasant. True friends should not be slighted. You must heed their advice."

True friends should not be slighted
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