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A Crime to Speak Justly

To the selfish Dhritharashtra it was, in a way, pleasing that by gambling his sons took over the kingdom and wealth of the Pandavas. Still, the Pandavas were strong and adopts at war. What would happen if they, who were deceived and so overthrown, became angry and started a fight against his sons? This thought troubled him. Whenever his mind was grieved by such thoughts it was the practice of Dhritharashtra to send for Vidura and seek his suggestion. After the Pandavas left for the forest he sent for Vidura. He said: "Vidura, you know the secret of righteous conduct. You are equally interested in the Pandavas and the Kauravas. Therefore, tell me what is good

for both of them; we should not be destroyed by the Pandavas; the Pandavas should not be destroyed by us. How is this possible? Tell me."

In reply Vidura said: "Dhritharashtra, if you do what is righteous, your children and the Pandavas will live happily. You supported your son who followed the wrong path and you have committed a grievous fault. See that Pandavas get back whatever was taken away from them unjustly. Then everything will be set right. But your son Duryodhana will not agree to this. If he does not agree you have to punish him and send him away. Otherwise the destruction of the Kauravas is inevitable. I have told you this a number of times."

When Dhritharashtra heard this he became very angry. "You always support the Pandavas; you are never with us," so he accused Vidura; "do you want me to give up my son for the sake of the Pandavas? My son is like my body. Shall I destroy my body? What sort of advice is yours! You are a crook. You have no regard for us, no respect! If you do not like to stay here, go away." So shouting, he left Vidura and went to the inner apartments.

Vidura - One of the great Characters of the 'Mahabharata'
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