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Vidura's Precepts

It was night when Sanjaya returned from Upaplavya to Hastinapura. Still, he immediately met Dhritharashtra and told him: "The long journey has made me tired. Tomorrow I will report in the king's court what Yudhishtira told me. The guilty must be blamed. You have earned the enmity of the Pandavas and are bringing about the destruction of your subjects. I have to blame you; I have no choice."

On hearing Sanjaya's words Dhritharashtra's mind was disturbed. He could not sleep even when he lay down. He sent for Vidura. He told him how Sanjaya had blamed him and said: "Please tell me what is righteous conduct and what brings us true prosperity? That may bring me peace of mind."

Dhritharashtra's condition filled Vidura with pity. He recalled Yudhishtira's request to prevent war by any means. Till late in the night he gave Dhritharashtra advice on a number of subjects. His advice is well known as 'Vidura's Precepts'.

First Vidura described to Dhritharashtra who is a wise man and who is an unwise man and how each type of man behaves. He made it clear that a number of persons suffer because of a sin committed by one man. The path of righteousness and honesty, he said, is the way to true prosperity. "Hanclover to the Pandavas the portion of the kingdom due to them; then you, your children and the Pandavas can live happily," he suggested.

After listening to all that Vidura told him, Dhritharashtra said: "Vidura, all that you say is right. You have always been repeating these words. To my mind also your advice appears to be just. I wish to follow your advice. But, what can I do? When Duryodhana speaks to me, the whole picture changes." So did he unfold his helplessness and anxiety.

Next day, in the court, Sanjaya put forth clearly Yudhishtira’s opinion and the stand of the Pandavas.

Dhritharashtra who heard him said: "Let there be no war with the Pandavas; let us have peace." Bhishma also supported this view. But Duryodhana did not agree. "I am bent upon fighting," he said.

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