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The Study of Coins

Birbal’s interest in science was very wide. Once he found some ancient coin moulds near Rohtak in Haryana. He studied those moulds and published the results in a mastery note entitled ‘The Technique of Casting Coins in Ancient India’. It set a new standard of research in the subject. He compared his findings with numismatic knowledge (that is, what we know about coins) of ancient Rome and China. He concluded that the Indian technique was one or two centuries older (about the first century BC and more sophisticated. Later he examined coins and moulds obtained in eleven different places including Taxila and Nalanda in the North and Hyderabad in the South. They belong to different periods from the third century BC to the eleventh century AD Birbal’s discoveries had great archaeological significance also. The Numismatic Society of India awarded him the Nelson Wright Medal in 1945.

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