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In England

Birbal passed the B.Sc. Examination in 1911. His father wished that his intelligent and industrious son should become a government administrator. He had thought of the Indian Civil Service, as a career for Birbal could not like the plan. He said to his father, "I cannot go against your decision. But I am interested in research in botany." His father accepted his choice and decided to send him to Cambridge for higher studies in botany.

Birbal’s elder brother, Bikrama Jit, was studying medicine in London. He took Birbal to Cambridge and got him admitted to Emmanuel College. But within three days Birbal went back to his brother’s room in London. His thoughts had turned home wards. He was on the verge of tears. "I am feeling home-sick," said Birbal. It was no easy task for Bikrama Jit to console him. Birbal spent that night with his brother. However, Bikrama Jit persuaded him to return to Cambridge. Thereafter Birbal resumed his studies and gradually overcome the homesickness.

Once of the fine traditions of Cambridge University is that of close contact between a student and his teachers. Birbal, a talented young student, received very affectionate treatment from his tutors. He got the B.A. Degree in the Natural Sciences (including geology and botany) in 1914. Soon he settled down to do research under the inspiring guidance of Professor A.C. Seward. Professor Seward was one of the greatest authorities in his field of study. Under the influence of the great master, Birbal learnt rapidly and gained insight into the morphology of living as well as fossil plants.

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