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Einstein's Guidance

Mention has already been made of a brief paper written by Bose in 1923 which was
translated into German by Einstein him. This article, as a matter of fact, had been sent first for publication in the Philosophical Magazine of London but was returned to him unpublished as the editor
could not understand the subject matter of the article. Subsequently it was sent to Albert Einstein.

Bose's original approach struck Einstein. Later Einstein systematically adapted Bose's approach in his own work. That is why the particular field of Bose's research has come to be known as 'Bose-Einstein Statistics'. Of late it has come to be known merely as 'Bose Statistics'. Several scientists published papers based on Bose's brief article. Discussions were also held.

Bose sent another article in 1926 to Einstein relating to the same topic. Einstein translated this article into German but also expressed some doubts and points of disagreement. Sathyendranath Bose, therefore, got an opportunity to meet Einstein and substantiate his argument. For about six months he stayed in Berlin holding discussions with great scientists and convincing them of his point of view.

Quantum Statistics, a well-known branch of science today, was yet to see the light of
day. Bose's theoretical exposition developed this branch. Quantum Statistics has enabled scientists to solve several problems scientifically and by cogent reasoning.

Bose sent another paper to Albert Einstein. The distinguished scientist was at a loss to understand how the solution offered by Bose could be used in physics. He published an article giving expression to his doubts. Bose felt it would be more appropriate to meet the great scientist Einstein and discuss the paper with him than to correspond with him. While he was still planning a visit the news of the sudden death of Einstein stunned him.

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