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Interest in Society

Social science was a living ideal in the life of Bose. Without running after wealth, he
offered his all to the cause of science and in the service of students and the poor and the needy. He set a glorious example to others by dedicating his life to the service of the country.

It was his heart's desire that his country- men should set right the shortcomings of their society. He did not merely talk about this but worked actively. Distinctions of caste and creed, the feeling that one caste was superior and another inferior these he hated. He was convinced that hypocrisy had done great harm to society, and he hated it.

He welcomed with open arms all that was good in our ancient history. Whenever he had leisure he read books in Bengali, English and other languages. Buddhism made a deep appeal to him. He had on several occasions openly said, "Of all the persons that have walked on this earth, I have the greatest regard for Gautama Buddha."

He used to say often that every one was -endowed with some talent or the other and that one should find it out and by dint of hard work and constant practice develop it. He was himself a shining example of what he preached.

Bose had great faith in the importance of science. It was his firm belief that the progress of society was bound up with the progress of science and that the progress of mankind had been brought about by the revolution that science had brought about.

He was fond of animals; cats were his favorites. In his old age, he spent his leisure hours playing with cats.

He warmly welcomed everyone who came to him, whatever their problems. It was a
great virtue in him that he treated every one of them with affection and encouraged
them. Even at the ripe age of eighty he participated in social discussions.

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Sathyendranath Bose - A Renowned Indian Scientist, Who developed a new branch of physics
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