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His Field of Research

The scope of his research was vast and varied. His main field of work was mathematical physics. His achievements in many other fields were also considerable.

His first article on theoretical physics was on 'Equation of State’ based on research
conducted and published jointly with Meghnad Saha. Incorporating the Theory of Relativity propounded by Albert Einstein, this equation explained many aspects of the pressure, cubic measure and temperature of gases. This article was published in the 'Philosophical Magazine' in 1918. Scientists now refer to it merely as the 'Saha-Bose Equation'.

The article entitled 'Stress Equation of Equilibrium' was published in 1919 in the popular Bulletin of the Calcutta Mathe- matical Society. Another article with the title 'Herpolhode' was published in the same periodical in 1920. His other article on Rydberg's Principle was also published in the Philosophical Magazine. He enunciated many new theorems in Geometry.

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Sathyendranath Bose - A Renowned Indian Scientist, Who developed a new branch of physics
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