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A Wide Range of Interests

In those days when there was little encouragement for scientific research, Bose successfully carried on research in physics and discovered Boson and Bose Gas.

Preparing some photo chemicals himself and with the help of X-ray he started the study of the structure of crystals. In 1954, a conference on crystallography was held in Paris. Several students of Bose had done significant research in this field. At this conference Bose arranged an exhibition relating to their work,

It is true that all his great research was in Mathematical Physics. But he was interested in many other subjects, too. He had made a serious and deep study of several other branches of science -chemistry, geology, zoology, anthropo- logy, engineering and others. In biochemistry also, he had attained high proficiency. His interest ranged from the
manufacture of artificial manure to the manufacture of scents from roses.

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Sathyendranath Bose - A Renowned Indian Scientist, Who developed a new branch of physics
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