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Boyhood and Education

Sathyendranath Bose was born on the first of January 1894 in Calcutta. Surendranath
was his father. He was employed in the Engineering Department of the East India

Sathyendranath was the eldest of his seven children; the rest were all daughters. Though Surendranath Bose lost his wife at an early age, without losing heart, he brought up all his children well. It is said that, when Sathyen was hardly three years old, a Bengali astrologer made this prediction: "This child will face many obstacles all through his life; nevertheless he will overcome them with his exceptional intelligence and attain great fame." The father, naturally, took a special interest in his son's progress. Though he had seven children he took care to see that nothing came in the way of the boy's education.
Yet, it did not appear to him that this youngster was quite serious about his studies. He often wondered if the astrologer's prediction would remain a mere dream.

As days passed, a thorough change came about in Sathyendranath. By his own effort he stood first throughout his academic career. Because of his love for and interest in science he did much research. He earned a name both at home and abroad. Surendranath's heart was filled with joy when Sathyen earned honor after honor.

Sharing in his son's glory, Surendranath lived up to the ripe old age of 96. Even in the old age his intellect and memory remained sharp to the end. He would often describe to his friends the activities of his son, Sathyendranath, in his boyhood. Now, that the dream of his boy's future had come true, his joy knew no bounds.

Amodini was Sathyendranath's mother. She was sickly. She passed away in 1939.

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Sathyendranath Bose - A Renowned Indian Scientist, Who developed a new branch of physics
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