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Exceptional Intelligence

Even in his school days, Sathyendranath had come to be recognized as an intelligent student. As a student of the Hindu High School in Calcutta he established a new record, scoring 110 marks for a maximum of 100 in mathe- matics. He had solved some problems in mathematics by more than one method. That was why his teacher had to give him
more marks than the maximum. So early in life, when he was yet a student at school, his teachers had predicted, 'Bose will one day become as great a mathematician as Laplace or Cauchy.

Zeal for work and eagerness to learn new things had taken root in him even in his
childhood. Young Sathyen loved to improvise apparatus for his experiments. At school, in collaboration with his fellow students, he constructed a telescope and other scientific instruments. No wonder in later life he made many new apparatus one after another.

Sathyendranath joined Presidency College of Calcutta for higher studies.

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Sathyendranath Bose - A Renowned Indian Scientist, Who developed a new branch of physics
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