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Dadheechi's Donation Was Worth While

Devendra, inside the demon's stomach, using all his force, ripped open the belly with his Vajraayudha and came out. He then chopped off the head of Vritra. The war came to an end. The other demons fled from the battlefield. The gods in joy shouted "Hurrah!"

Sages and gods both praised Dadheechi heartily for saving the gods from a great crisis at the cost of his life.

Instead of begging others for anything, it is more becoming of man to give and help. Others. Dadheechi sacrificed his life as well as his body. All those who have listened to the story of his life will ever treasure in it their memory and cherish him as an image of sacrifice installed in their hearts.

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Dadheechi- He Sacrificed his life as well as body in order that the gods might win in their war against demons
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