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Vritra the Brave

Then his army was disrupted and the soldiers began to run away, Vritra tried to instill courage into their hearts. He shouted, "0, brave soldiers! Stop, just listen to me. One who is born has to die. Then why don't you face death cheerfully and win everlasting fame in this world?"

But none of those demons heeded his words. They were still running away. Vritra was not prepared to stand aside quietly and witness his army being destroyed. He became terribly annoyed and with his terrific yell turned upon gods, shouting at them, "Come on, come on! Face me how you will! Let me see if you can bear the heat of my war." He fell on them with fury. His very yell drove terror into their hearts and many gods fainted.

Indra burned with anger seeing the overpowering Vritra and the fright of his own soldiers. Aiming at that enemy who came directly charging on him, he hurled with great force his massive mace on him. Any one else would have been crushed under it. But Vritra caught it with his left hand laughing all the while, and held it high. By then his anger too had grown tenfold. Flourishing his own terrific mace, he hit the elephant Airaavata with it and growled. Airaavata being unable to sustain that blow tottered under its impact; with blood flowing down, it groaned in pain and turned back to run away along with its rider Indra. Vritra did not aim at Indra. To hit him again with his mace for he saw Indra. in dismay as his elephant was wound. Though he was a demon, he was scrupulously fair-minded in war. Mahendra stood still after alleviating the pain of his elephant by stroking its back with his comforting and refreshing hand.

Vritra taunted him, "What sort of an enemy are you to me? You have no scruples. You slew my brother and earned the sins of killing a guru and a Brahmin. By taking revenge on you, I am relieved of my debt of duty. Now don't you see me standing before you? Why don't you try your grandiose Vajraayudha on me? I hope, being strengthened with Vishnu's radiance and Dadheechi's spiritual power, it will not fail miserably just like your own mace?" Thus he mocked at Indra. Even while uttering these words Vritra assaulted Devendra with his trident held forward. Indra saw the demon charging on him with his deadly weapon like the fire of ultimate destruction and in sheer self-defense swashed his Vajraayudha at Vritra's broad right shoulder and cut it off. Losing his right arm, the infuriated Vritra rushed forward and with his left hand gave a severe slap on the cheek of Indra who was still holding Vajraayudha. This blow sent Indra reeling. He stood dazed for a while’s the weapon Vaira slipped down from his hand and fell on the ground. Not only demons but also even gods who watched this superb fighting of Vritra exclaimed in admiration. At the same time the miserable plight of Indra, terrorized them to say "Oh! Heavens! What will be our fate?"

Indra who had lost his grip of Vajra at the demon's terrific blow could not stand before his enemy with his face up for shame. It was Vritra again who spoke with complete composure, "Devendra! Why are you standing inertly?

Your Vajraayudha is lying there. Why don't you pick it up and smash your enemy with it? This is not the time for regret. Just look at me, how in spite of being handicapped with the lose of my right arm, I am still striving hard to take your life! It is impossible to foretell with certainty who will win and who will lose in a battle. Is it not?"

Indra expressed his admiration at Vritra's adherence to the rules of a righteous war. "Even though you are a daitya, how very fair-minded are you! "Said Indra and soon engaged himself in a terrible fight with Vritra. Vritra now lost his left arm also. Blood was gushing out from the base of both the arms. Still the demon king stood his ground majestically and heroically like a tusker.

After a moment's thought Vritra bowed down to the ground. His lower lip touched the earth and the upper lip was raised to the sky. Thus, opening his mouth wide as a cave, he clutched a huge boulder between his teeth. Then, rushing towards Indra with great speed, he flung that bolder on him. There was no one who did not applaud this heroic feat of Vritra.

Dashing even farther towards Indra, Vritra, like a python, swallowed him up and dispatched him into his stomach. Sages, gods and many other spectators were horrified and raised a cry of alarm," Oh, woe be to it. Everything is finished now!"

Dadheechi's Donation Was Worth While Devendra, inside the demon's stomach, using all his force, ripped open the belly with his Vajraayudha and came out. He then chopped off the head of Vritra. The war came to an end. The other demons fled from the battlefield. The gods in joy shouted "Hurrah!"

Sages and gods both praised Dadheechi heartily for saving the gods from a great crisis at the cost of his life.

Instead of begging others for anything, it is more becoming of man to give and help. Others. Dadheechi sacrificed his life as well as his body. All those who have listened to the story of his life will ever treasure in it their memory and cherish him as an image of sacrifice installed in their hearts.

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