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May Indra's Word Be Honored Also Let Us Get Knowledge

Once two persons looking alike, having the same face and features came to Dadheechi. The sage received them warmly and asked them what he could do for them.

"Revered Sir," they said, "we have been very much wanting to learn from you the knowledge of Brahman. We have come a very long distance for this very purpose."

Dadheechi was in a predicament. He could not fulfill their wish. He has the knowledge of Brahman but in accordance with Indra's injunction he should not impart it to anybody. This to him did not seem to be right, for he was by nature always helpful and obliging to others. But to overlook or defy that warning of Indra his Guru was completely out of question.

Dadheechi then hesitantly asked, "How did you come to know that I can teach the knowledge of Brahman?"

"0, revered sir, it is only after coming to know how you won the grace of Mahendra with your prayers and obtained the knowledge of Brahman from him, that we have come to you," said they.

Dadheechi had no alternative but to say, "What you say is true, but you know that I have to keep this knowledge a secret. For my master does not like my imparting it to any one. If I try to do so in contravention to his instruction, my head will be cut off. That is his warning. Therefore please excuse me. You may seek this knowledge from some other person."

As they had come determined to have their way they were not prepared to heed his words and return. They told the sage with a smile, "Sir, we understand your predicament. But we have no mind to return without fulfilling our desire. We have come with the sole purpose of receiving the knowledge from you. Please don't send us away under the pretext of your master's warning. Perhaps the Guru meant by his caution that this sacred knowledge should not be given to any one who lacks faith and devotion. You may test us for some time; and only after you are satisfied you may accept us as your pupils," they implored.

Though Dadheechi's heart was softened, he could not help fearing that it might amount to betraying his Guru. So he told them plainly: "Do you doubt Devendra's words? The moment I try 'to violate his order, my head will fall off; it would not be of any use to you either. Please don't put me in a fix.

Those strangers feeling neither despair nor fear said firmly: "Is that so? All right, let us see. You may kindly agree to teach us. If your head were to fall off, we will with our power fix it again to your body and make you live again."

Dadheechi was greatly surprised. He said, "in that case, you are not mortal beings, I suppose. Please let me know first who you are."

Being so requested, they revealed their identity. They were gods of heaven! "We are the twin gods, Ashwini-kumaras, the physicians of heaven. We will take care that you will not suffer any harm. Please teach us knowledge of Brahman."

Without a second thought Dadhee agreed to teach them.

The Ashwini-kumaras first replaced his head with the head of a horse and with their supernatural power enabled him to speak. The sage gladly taught them all the knowledge of Brahman he had learnt.

Mahendra came to know about this with his divine sight and in anger chopped off the horse-head of Dadheechi with his sword. Immediately the twin gods, with their wonderful power, fixed up the original head which they had safely preserved to the trunk of Dadheechi and breathed life into him.

Indra's threat was not ineffective. The knowledge that Dadheechi had acquired continued usefully. The gods, Ashwinikumaras, had their wish gratified!

When this news spread among all the sages, Dadheechi rose high in their esteem. His fame extended even to the world of gods! Everybody thoroughly understood his nature that he would not mind to face any hazard if it was for the good of the world.

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