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The War Starts

A terrible war began. The demons made a speedy attack on the gods and wounded many by hurling on them javelins, spears, and tridents, by shooting arrows at them and by hitting them with heavy swords, cudgels, axes and maces etc. Arrows after arrows followed and the whole space was full of them. It was not possible to distinguish friend from foe among the fighters.

The gods, confident of their victory, were showing their utmost skill in fighting. They chopped off many among the army of demons. The infuriated demons hurled on gods huge rocks dislodged from the hilltops and uprooted massive trees. But the gods without losing heart went on fighting. The repeated attacks with rocks, giant trees and varieties of weapons only brought exhaustion and not victory to the demons. The Gods had the Grace of Vishnu. All the efforts of demons were rendered futile. After many demons were killed, the rest of them began to flee from the battlefield.

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Dadheechi- He Sacrificed his life as well as body in order that the gods might win in their war against demons
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