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War Preparations

Indra was successful in his mission. He collected the backbone of the sage and placed it before Vishwakarma. He requested him to cut and grind those bones charging them with magical potency and make them into such sharp weapons and deadly missiles as would destroy the enemies. Vishwakarma knew that such was the will of Mahavishnu and without losing any time commenced his work. The gods got all the weapons, which were fatal to the enemies. Mahendra specially got Vajra (thunderbolt) the most powerful weapon with a hundred bulging knots. This Vajraayudha possessed also in it the effulgence of Vishnu as well as the accumulated power of the sage's penance. Can any one win even after encountering it?

Devendra was filled with the supreme confidence of winning the battle now. Holding Vajraayudha in his hand and seated on his favorite elephant Airaavata, Indra proceeded in a procession followed by the entire retinue of attendants and courtiers.

Now preparations of war being over, Indra hastened towards the citadel of Vritra. He had firmly resolved to devastate the whole army of demons, in such a way that they should never rise again and talk of war with the gods. It was the time when Krita-yuga, the first of the series, was coming to a close. The Tretayuga was about to dawn. Indra was pushing forward in the direction of demons like Maharudra in his wrath.

This news reached the demons. They were astonished to see Indra who had run away from the battlefield being so badly beaten up and humiliated, coming again seeking war. They talked among themselves that he might be coming again because of some newly acquired power infusing fresh courage in him. They guessed that this Must be some new trick of Mahavishnu, their greatest and eternal enemy, who might have inspired and sent them on to the battle. They had never relied on Divine support. They had trusted only their physical strength. And prowess. They were harassing gods with that confidence only. Now they too got ready to give battle.

Mahendra, looking radiant, was magnificently seated on his elephant and was brandishing his dazzling Vajraayudha as he moved into the battlefield along with many brave heroes. The demons looked at him. They could not control their anger. They drew out their severe-most weapons and forgetful of them marched forward to fight the gods. Vritra who had taken a pledge to cause suffering to Indra led the demons' army. There were among demons many great heroes, tried and experienced in thousands of battles of the past, which had enjoyed the reputation of having brought disaster on their enemies.

The demons were wearing garlands made of varieties of flowers. Their armor was made of gold. So terrible and frightening were their war cries at every step that by merely hearing them the enemies would faint.

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