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Save us by giving Your Life

The great sage received them with warmth of affection. He made kind inquires about them. There was no brightness on their faces. Seeing them so pale, the sage imparted courage to them, saying that they could ask anything of him. Thus encouraged, Indra himself opened the talk with the sage.

Indra: "0, great sage, we request you for a great favor. Our lives are in great danger."

Dadheechi: "Devendra, please tell me, what is your woe? Has one more war with the demons started?"

Indra: "yes, but it is not like any of the previous wars. In the past, by the Grace of Mahavishnu, we had routed out many demons such as Shambara who were experts in the use of supernatural powers, and Vrishaparva and such other valiant demons."

Dadheechi: "Why fear then? Why this despair? Even now you have the Grace of Mahavishnu, don't you?"

Indra: "Yes, we certainly have His Grace. But now the leader of demons is Vritrasura. Twashtru made a special penance with the sole purpose of getting a son capable of killing me and got him. He is very valiant and a terror to his enemies. He knows no defeat. No one can match him in cruelty. He has taken a pledge to exterminate gods. It is impossible to bear the tortures he has been inflicting on us."

Dadheechi: "0, my God! In spite of being born of a divine boon, has he become so drunk with pride? If you, the chief of all gods, were to feel so helpless, what about others? By the bye, why did you come to me? What is it that I can do for you in this situation? Can 1, a Brahmin, join you to fight in the battle-field?"

Indra: "Great sage, we feel it delicate to put forth our request. But our woe needs to be alleviated. For that we have come to entreat you to make a big sacrifice. It is in your hands to save us. We seek your protection."

Dadheechi: "Devendra, I am after all a man. How can I help you, gods? Please don't feel delicate to tell me what I can do to help you."

Indra: "Revered sage! We have come to beg of you a rare and unprecedented charity. We, in fact, had made an appeal to Mahavishnu, bemoaning our plight. That merciful and compassionate God of gods suggested a way of protecting our interests. For that we require your help."

Dadheechi: "Very well, then. If it is within my capacity, I am prepared to do anything to help you. Pray, tell me, what do you want me to do?"

Indra: "What we beg of you is your backbone. We have to get weapons made out of it by Vishwakarma. We are told that with these weapons we can easily kill Vritra. Otherwise it is impossible to destroy him!"

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