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An Indian scientist who won fame in many countries. Eighty years ago he began the
manufacture of medicines in India. A great teacher, he gave his salary to students
interested in science. A great man and a true patriot.

Author - Y.S.Lewis

Dr. P. C. Ray

A Professor of Chemistry in the University. A pioneer in the field of pharmaceutical industry in India who started making chemicals at home -eighty years ago, to prevent foreign companies making excessive profits at the cost of Indian patients.

A scientist who won international acclaim. His dwelling - a simple room on the first floor of the college in which he was teaching; his household -students who could not afford to stay elsewhere.

His salary - all a donation to thedepartment of Chemistry. The income from this donation to be spent on the development of the department of Chemistry at the
University College of Science and to give scholarships to needy students. And the total amount he donated in this way - two lake rupees.

Such was the Scientist-Professor Acharya Prafulla Chandra Ray.

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Dr.P.C.Ray - An Indian Scientist Who won fame in many countries
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