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In England

In 1882 Prafulla Chandra left for Britain. The long journey on the seas was quite
tiresome. Because of seasickness he could not eat enough food and felt very weak.

After a voyage, which lasted thirty-three days, he reached London. The Indian students there helped him in several ways. They equipped him with sufficient woolen clothes to endure the bitter cold of Edinburgh, to which place he had to go.

Edinburgh was four hundred miles from London. Prafulla Chandra joined the B.Sc. Class in the University there. He was very much influenced by the Professor of Chemistry, Mr. Crum Brown, at the University. Chemistry became his first love.

Prafulla Chandra stuck to his very simple diet here also. Whenever he had leisure, he used to go on long walks to the distant woods and hills. This kept him in good health.

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