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A 'Doctor of Floods'

In 1901 Prafulla Chandra met Mahatma Gandhi for the first time in the house of a
mutual friend, Gopala Krishna Gokhale. Gandhiji had just then returned from South
Africa. Prafulla Chandra developed great reverence for Gandhiji at this very first
meeting. Gandhiji's simplicity, patriotism and devotion to duty appealed to him very
much. He learnt that it was easy to talk about truth but that it is far nobler to practice it in one's life. Gandhiji also had great regard for Prafulla Chandra. He knew how hard he worked to help the poor and the needy. When floods caused great suffering and destruction, Prafulla Chandra worked very hard to bring relief to the victims. This made Gandhiji call him a 'Doctor of Floods'!

In 1904 Prafulla Chandra proceeded to Europe on a study tour and visited many famous chemical laboratories. In England, Germany, France and other European countries, he was welcomed by scientists at universities and research institutions. He had useful discussions with them. They praised his famous work on Mercurous Nitrite, Ammonium Nitrite etc. Some universities conferred honorary Doctorates on him. He made the acquaintance of famous scientists like William Ramsay, James Dewar, Perkin, Van't Hoff and Berthelot.

In 1912 Prafulla Chandra visited London again to represent the University of Calcutta at the Congress of theUniversities of the British Empire. He delivered speeches at the Congress and later before the Chemical Society. Sir William Ramsay congratulated him on his fine work.

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