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For His Country

While Prafulla Chandra was still preparing for B.Sc. Degree Examination, his name
appeared one day in all-important British newspapers and this made him famous. The story behind it is very interesting. It shows his love for his motherland. He was pining for the day when India would be free.

In 1885 the University of Edinburgh announced that a prize would be awarded to the best writer of an article on 'India before and after the Mutiny'. Prafulla Chandra at once decided to compete. He plunged into a deep study of the historical, political and economic conditions of India during this period. He studied all available authentic records and writings on the subject. The article was submitted for the prize. The results were announced. The prize went to another student, but the judges considered Prafulla Chandra's article as an essay of a very high standard. Sir William Muir, the Principal, praised Prafulla Chandra's essay in his inaugural address delivered to the students of the University. The article was full of criticism of the British rule in India, but also had a
touch of humor. Prafulla Chandra got his essay back from the University and got it
printed for private circulation amongst his fellow students and the general public. He
appealed to them for help in the task of liberating India. A copy of this was sent to the great parliamentarian, John Bright, who was regarded as a friend of India. Bright sent a very sympathetic reply and authorized Prafulla Chandra to use the same in any way he liked. Prafulla Chandra lost no time in sending a copy of Bright's letter to the 'London Times' and other leading daily papers of the United Kingdom. One morning these papers
came out with the headline 'John Bright's letter to an Indian student'. This made Prafulla Chandra famous. Even as a student he tried to make Englishmen in England understand what India suffered in slavery.

Prafulla Chandra took the B.Sc. degree in 1885. After this he did research in Chemistry for the D.Sc. degree of the University. In 1887 he was awarded this degree on the basis of a thesis on the results of his original work. He was only 27 years old at the time. He received the Hope Prize Scholarship of the University, which enabled him to continue his work in the University for another year. His income was very small during the time he stayed in Edinburgh. But since his needs were very simple, he managed with this. He was living with another Bengali student, and himself prepared his food.

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