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The Boy-Scientist

Homi Jehangir Bhabha was born in Bombay on October 30, 1909. His father Jehangir Bhabha, once a student of Oxford University, was a reputed advocate and served the Tata Enterprises. Meheran, Bhabha's mother, belonged to the petit family. His grandfather was an officer in the Education Department of Mysore State. (Now it is Karnataka)

In his childhood Bhabha used to sleep very little. The worried parents took him to
several qualified doctors. But forsometime the reason for his sleeplessness could not be found out. At last doctors assured the parents that Bhabha was in excellent health. He did not sleep as long as other children of his age, because of his super- active brain and the continuous, rapid flow of thoughts.

His parents took interest in shaping Bhabha's love of science. He was also provided with a small library. The library contained many science books. Bhabha made full use of his library. Books became his friends. Thus a good foundation was laid for his scientific career. Einstein (1879-1955) is one of the greatest scientists of this century. It is difficult
to understand his Theory of Relativity. But, at the age of 15, Bhabha was able to read
Einstein's book on Relativity. He could also digest the contents to some extent.

Even as a boy Bhabha was a lover of Nature. He was deeply interested in painting, music and literature. He took full advantage of his good collection of books and records. But he was not much interested in sports.

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He was provided with a small library of Science books
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