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Building Up A Team of Scientists

The early atomic age of India was a period of transition. At that time Bhabha gave a
clarion call to all young scientists who were staying abroad; "Return to Trombay; return
to the motherland." Many young scientists listened to his call and came to Trombay.
They are today among the reputed scientists in the country. Bhabha took personal care to provide necessary amenities to them.

Bhabha selected scientists with care. He placed them in positions of responsibility. He thus succeeded in building up a team of excellent workers around him. He created a suitable scientific atmosphere for his colleagues. Necessary materials and equipment were provided. He inspired the staff and gave them the freedom they needed to pursue their work. He gave them every opportunity to grow. Spotting scientific talent was his passion.

Discipline in all walks of life and a challenging attitude to accomplish the targets were his special characteristics. He instilled a sense of confidence in his fellow-workers so that project could be successfully completed.

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Homibhabha - The architect of Nuclear Science in Modern India.
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