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Scientist-Artist- Leader

Bhabha often said: "A scientist does not belong to a particular nation. He belongs to the whole world. The doors of science should be kept open to all those who work for the welfare of humanity."

Bhabha foresaw that a time might come when production of power may suffer because of the shortage of coal and oil. He firmly believed that the standard of living of our people could be improved only through fuller utilization of nuclear energy.

Bhabha possessed a rare combination of a b reliant mind, a tremendous capacity for
organization and boundless energy. Indians will always remember him as a great scientist, a remarkable administrator and an outstanding leader, He had a feel for creative work. He had the scientist's precision with the artist's exuberance.

Bhabha opened up new vistas of atomic glory. Nuclear Physics attained a new dignity and a new status on account of his personality. India stepped right out of the bullock-cart age into the Atomic age. This 'Atom Man' diverted the atom from the path of destruction to that of construction.

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Homibhabha - The architect of Nuclear Science in Modern India.
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