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The Road to Excellence

Two outstanding virtues of Bhabha's work were his insistence on excellence and his faith in self-reliance. He showed to the world that Indian scientists could reach great heights. He was a practical person. He believed in planning and in executing the plans.

Bhabha liked persons who were active and dynamic. If any one had made mistakes in
the course of his work, he had the generosity to forgive the lapses. But he disliked carelessness, laziness and indifference. He tolerated honestmistakes, but not stupidity. He had always a good word for good work. He was human to the tips of his fingers and always concerned to help in solving the personal problems of others.

Bhabha started a training center to train young scientists in different fields of nuclear science. He invited talented young men and women from all parts of the country and arranged for special instruction. He brought together many famous scientists on the same platform and arranged lectures. He toiled much to bring to light the latent talents of the young scientists in India.

Not only did Bhabha arouse in Indians awareness for the need to study and apply
science, but also inspired the young men to do their work with confidence. He
encouraged them to be industrious. Thus, Bhabha was responsible for creating a band of efficient workers. This indeed is a great asset that Bhabha has left for us.

His duty was Bhabha's first love. It was more pronounced in scientific research, planning and direction. When Bhabha was invited to become the Minister of Atomic Energy in the Union Cabinet, he declined. Science was dearer to Bhabha than the charm of ministership.

Bhabha's ambitions were sky-high but he also worked tirelessly to realize them. He was not a scientist who sat in an ivory tower. He was a man of action. He was a rare blending of idealism and realism.

The future is often misty but Bhabha, an untiring worker had a clear vision. He had
always an open mind on every issue. He respected the views of others.

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