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The Study of Cosmic Rays

Bhabha presented, with Heitler, the 'Cascade Theory of Electron Showers', in 1937. It is called the 'Bhabha-Heitler Cascade Theory'. It is a uniquecontribution to the world of Physics. This research brought fame to Bhabha. This theory explains the process of electron showers in cosmic rays.

Cosmic rays are primary rays, which are fast moving and sub-microscopic particles.They comprise protons,electrons and gamma rays. When some of them happen to approach the earth and enter its atmosphere, they collide with atoms in the air. They then breed new nuclear particles. Bhabha's new theory explains clearly the processes and effects of the mutual reaction. It throws light on one of the most puzzling mysteries of cosmic rays.

Bhabha recognized heavy electron particles in cosmic rays and called them 'Meson'. Bhabha's mastery ofmathematics can be seen in the 'Classical Theory of Spinning Particles'. The importance of his work received wide recognition.

Bhabha's orginal contributions to Physics lie in the fields of cosmic radiation, theory of elementary particles and quantum theory.

Bhabha returned to India for a holiday in 1939. That was the time of the Second World War. Bhabha did not return to England and this was indeed fortunate for India.

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Homibhabha - The architect of Nuclear Science in Modern India.
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