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To Kudalasangama

Basavanna grew up to be a lovely boy. He was a feast to the eyes and hearts of his parents and of all others in Bagewadi. He was known as the brightest student in the Gurukula. He was very, very intelligent for his age. He was a very good boy. He was friendly with every one. Even at such a
tender age he would think for himself and form his own views. The teachers used to teach things in the traditional way. But at every step this boy would ask them 'How?’ and 'Why?’ The teachers no doubt admired his boldness and independent thinking. But they found it difficult to answer his questions.

There used to be several religious ceremonies in the village. Basavanna would want to know the meaning of every thing. But it was not possible for the elder to satisfy him. There was the traditional case system; according to this some were considered high and some low. This seemed wrong to Basavanna. All should be treated as equals. All should be pure and devoted to God. Everyone should work. Liberal views such as these took shape in the mind of Basavanna even in his childhood. It was indeed God's grace.

Basavanna completed his eighth year. In accordance with the family custom Madarasa decided to perform the Upanayana (investing with the holy thread) of his son. 'What was the meaning of this ceremony? How did he need it? Even as a baby he had been blessed by Guru Sangameshwara with a linga to wear on his body. So he needed no other initiation’---- so thought Basavanna. He also told his father regarding the same thing. Madarasa
was taken aback. He felt pained also. But Basavanna's stand was clear and firm. How to break this family tradition was a big problem to Madarasa. Basavanna also thought over it a good deal. At last he told his father: "Father, you may respect this family tradition. But it is not for me. Let me not place you in a difficult position. I shall leave this house for good and continue my education at Sangama. I shall learn at the feet of the revered GuruSangameshwara."

However much the parents and the closest kinsmen entreated, Basavanna would not change his mind. Leaving his home once and for all he set out for Kudalasangama. This bold and firm decision of so young a boy amazed everybody. No doubt it was indicative of the great religious revolution that he was to bring about later in his life.

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Basaveshwara- The revolutionary who taught that right conduct is heaven.
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