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Preaching Practiced

Basavanna, the minister of a state, himself first followed the great principles of the Anubhava Mantapa and then preached them to others and guided them.

One midnight Basavanna, disturbed by some noise, woke up from his sleep. Opening his eyes he saw a burglar attempting to remove the ornaments
of his wife who was fast, asleep!

Basavanna wished that the thief should not be put to any trouble, so he himself removed the ornaments and gave them to the burglar. For he saw only God even in the thief.

Another time the cows of his house were stolen by some thieves. Only the young calves were left behind. They were hungry and crying for their mothers. Basavanna's heart was moved. So immediately he made arrangements to send the calves to the thieves so that they could be with their

This kind act of Basavanna made the thieves feel ashamed and sorry. They reformed themselves and lived honestly thereafter.

Thus Basavanna by his noble influence on several deceitful and cunning fellows changed the course of their lives. Many were his marvelous deeds.

The society of Shiva Sharanas (those who have surrendered themselves to God) formed by Basavanna and the high ideals it practiced brought new strength to the masses. Basavanna's fame spread everywhere.

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Basaveshwara- The revolutionary who taught that right conduct is heaven.
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