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In Sangameshwara

But there were some orthodox people who did not like this new social system. They had been opposing Basavanna from the beginning. They were waiting for an opportunity to harm him. And they got one such opportunity. Madhuvarasa, a Brahmin and Haralayya, a cobbler, had joined Anubhava Mantapa after being initiated and given a linga to wear as their personal god. So they were equals. Madhuvarasa's daughter was given in marriage to Haralayya's son. In those days of rigid caste system and orthodoxy, this was a revolutionary event. But the marriage had the approval of Basavanna and all others of Anubhava Mantapa.

The orthodox group rose in violent protest against this marriage. They raised hue and cry. They said that their sacred religious system was spoilt by Basavanna. It was the duty of the King to protect and maintain the old religious customs and traditions. Therefore Bijjala should punish Madhu- varasa and Haralayya - so they strongly insisted. Yielding to their pressure the King sentenced those saintly persons to death. Basavanna, deeply pained, at once decided to quit Kalyana which was rendered impure by such injustice. He resigned his ministership and returned to the holy Sangama, an abode of peace. He spent the rest of his life in prayer and meditation. Later in about 1167 A.D., he left this world and became one with
God Sangameshwara.

Haralayya and Madhuvarasa died for a noble cause and became martyrs. This noble sacrifice only proclaimed to the world the great worth of Basavanna's philosophy. The Shiva Sharanas who left Kalyana during these disturbances scattered all over the country and settled in various places, far and near. They spread the message and preaching of Basavanna everywhere. These preaching have been inspiring many people even today.

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Basaveshwara- The revolutionary who taught that right conduct is heaven.
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