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A High Position

The coming of Basavanna to Kalyana paved the way for the welfare of mankind. Basavanna started his career as a junior officer in the state treasury of King Bijjala. He found the office in a mess. The officials were lazy. Basavanna spared no pains to set things right. The King admired his sharp intellect and administrative ability.

Once a copper plate containing an old inscription was discovered. The writing was in code language. No one, not even the language experts could read and understand it. But Basavanna with his extraordinary intelligence was able to understand it. He explained its contents to the King. Following its directions the King was able to find out a hidden treasure; this brought enormous wealth to the state treasury. Basavanna suggested several plans to the King so that this wealth might be used for the welfare of his subjects. Bijjala was greatly pleased with this. He appointed Basavanna as the chief officer of the treasury.

Later Basavanna married Gangambike, the daughter of Minister Baladeva, and Neelambike, the adopted sister of king Bijjala. So Basavanna had two wives and his family life was pleasant. The new family and the new office increased his responsibilities. The field of work grew. He was young but already held a high place. So some people in the King's court grew jealous of him.

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