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Basavanna had left his parents and come away. These sweet words of blessing spoken by the Guru were very soothing to him. He felt happy. His education began under the guidance of the Guru. A new chapter began in his life. Basavanna would get up before dawn. He would meditate on God for some time. It was his practice to gather flowers for worship, before sunrise. The sight of flowers always gladdened his heart. For, he felt the presence of the divine in every flower. When he wor- shipped Sangameshwara he forgot himself completely. So exalted was his state of mind that he felt the presence of God everywhere and in all things-in the linga he wore on his body, in the image of Sangameshwara and in the entire world. All people admired his deep devotion andhis worship of the Lord. Worship was followed by studies. He studied the lessons of the day and also read several books connected with each subject. He had the same concentration in his studies as in the worship. After reading the books he would discuss certain points with his teachers. Then he would go to attend the classes and to participate in other school activities. He enjoyed long walks on the
bank of the river in the evenings.

His scholarship, devotion, modesty and good behavior soon made him the beloved of all. Smart and active, simple and frank, and always cheerful as he was, he was also of a serious reflective nature. Thus his personality was shaping itself most wonderfully. The Guru felt proud of it.

'There were teachers of profound scholar- ship and deep religious convictions in that academy. Students were given both worldly and spiritual education. It was not the type of education that trained the students to pass the examinations and get jobs. The aim of education was to help the
development of the inner self of the students, and prepare them to achieve something great in life. Basavanna got the best out of the school.

Years rolled by. Basavanna made a study of all the branches of learning. He learnt what he needed for his worldly life; and he also gained spiritual learning. He grew up with a sound mind in a sound body. What is the meaning of man's life? What is its final goal? What is his duty? Basavanna
seriously pondered over these questions.

Basavanna's education in the school was coming to an end. Accounts of Basavanna's remarkable personality had spread far and wide Baladeva, a
man of the same area, was a minister in the city of Kalyana. He too heard much about Basavanna.

Kalyana was the capital of the Chalukya kingdom. During Basavanna's time Bijjala of Kalachurya dynasty was ruling. Baladeva was his minister. Baladeva had great reverence for Sangama and also for the Guru in Sangameshwara. Hearing glorifying reports about Basavanna he made a trip to Kudalasangama. He was very happy to meet Basavanna. The Guru also spoke very highly of Basavanna's personality.

Baladeva thought it would be a very good thing if a brilliant man like Basavanna held some responsible office in the court of Bijjala. He felt the prosperity and the fame of the kingdom would grow. He also thought that Basvanna was the best man to marry his daughter. The Guru also

Basavanna had already thought deeply about his career and aim in life. The idea of entering service in the King's court had never occurred to him. Nor had he thought of marriage. He believed that all this would not enable him to achieve his ideal. But his Guru advised him to agree to Baladeva's
proposal. He told Basavanna that it would later help his great mission of human upliftment. Basavanna could not go against the commands of his Guru. He thought that it might be God's will. So at last he consented.

A few days after this, Basavanna traveled to the city of Kalyana. The grace of Lord Sangameshwara, the blessings of his Guru and the best wishes of others went with him, it was about the year 1155A.D.

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