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'Come, Basavanna'

In those days religion had become mostly a matter of convention. People were rigidly bound down to certain rituals and formalities. The essence of religion was lost sight of. People forgot that there is only one God and had created several lower gods and goddesses. In the name of religion many castes and creeds had come to be formed. There were many blind beliefs. Birth and profession determined the status of a man. Because of the desire for heaven, life in this world had taken a wrong course.

There is one God. All are his children. They must have equal opportunities in religion. All should live together in love. Kindness is the basis of all religions. It was very necessary to develop these ideas in the minds of people. It was at such a time that Basavanna was born. He took a daring step even in his very child- hood. The child is father of the man. He showed that he was born with a mission to fulfill in future. Thus Basavanna as an independent thinker left Bagewadi in protest against the meaningless conventions.

When he came to Sangama he was most warmly received by the Guru Sangameshwara. "Come, Basavanna," said the Guru affectionately, "I knew
that you would come here. Brilliant students like you will surely bring credit to this school and make it more famous. Here you will be near Lord Sangam- eshwara; I am sure that your spiritual personality will blossom out. You will do great things in future for the good of humanity."

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Guru Sangameshwara received Basavanna most warmly
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