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The Brave Prince

A few boys who ran away from the tree stood at a distance from it and looked back. The fearful form of the serpent could be seen even from that distance. But there
seemed to be something close to the serpent. What could that be? The boys looked at it with wide-open eyes. A boy was sitting there unperturbed. What courage! Who could that be? The person on the tree was none other than Prince Vardhamana.

Immediately some of them carried the news to the palace. The Maharaja, the Maharani and the bodyguards rushed to the scene.

The brave young prince on the top of the banyan tree was watching the movements of the python without batting an eyelid. The python was also trying to terrify him. It was
also bewildered. It hissed. Furiously it put out its split tongue. It looked at him threateningly. It made noises. It stood up as if to attack. It beat its tail very close as if to smash him. The brave lad sat firm like a mountain. The serpent accepted defeat. The brave lad stepped on the serpent and descended from the tree top as if he was
stepping down a ladder.

The courage and fortitude of the brave prince astounded the people who watched him. The parents felt as if they themselves had come back from the jaws of death. They embraced the boy and kissed him. From that day the boy came to be known as Mahaveera (the Great Hero).

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Mahaveer- A young prince, who gave up everything to follow the path of Jainism
About Mahaveer
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