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Himself like the Himalayas

Mahaveera propagated Dharma for 32 years. It was in Pavapuri that he attained salvation in the month of Karthika in 527 B.C. At the time he was 71 years 3 months and 25 days old. That was the day of the Dipavali Festival (the Festival of Lights). The Jains celebrate the Dipavali Festival with great enthusiasm as the day of Mahaveera's salvation.

It is true that this marks the end of the earthly life of a great historic personage who illuminated a great Dharma. But his ideals and Sadachara Samhithe are deathless. Dharmic personages are immortal. We may forget kings and emperors. A king looks to the good of his own country. But a great Dharmic teacher paves the way for the good of all mankind. Mahaveera wished for the good of all humanity. He wore himself out for the good of the world.

Mahaveera's ideal life is an open book. He said that anyone could follow hisfootsteps, attain the goal reached by him and rise to the heights attained by him. He constructed the steps and put up the ladder. He opened the doors of the world of salvation so that all that had freed themselves from self might enter. He did not yield to temptations. He was not afraid of difficulties. Fearless, he stood like the Himalayas. Finally lie himself became the Himalayas.

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