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A Thirthankara

Mahaveera proceeded further. He reached the village Jrumbhika. The river Rujukoola was flowing nearby. Mahaveera sat under a tree. Immersed in medition and prayer he forgot the world. It was the second month of summer. It was the year 557 B.C. According to the Indian calendar, it was the tenth day of the Indian calendar, it was the tenth day of the first fortnight of Vaishakha. The afternoon was declining and the shadows were eastward. Mahaveera was in the Paryankasana posture. He attained Divine Knowledge. This is the attainment of the Highest Knowledge – enlightenment that enables one to know everything. Mahaveera became a Thirthankra. At the time
Mahaveera was 41 years 9 months and 5 days old. There is no drought within a radius of four hundred miles from where a Thirthankara lives. He moves so as not to hurt any living creature. He has only one face, but people looking at him see four faces on all the four sides. He knows all branches of knowledge. His body does not throw a shadow. His eyelids do not move. His nails and hair do not grow.

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Mahaveera forgot the world in meditation
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