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What Can the Elephant Do?

Vardhamana grew stronger from day to day. He began to crawl on all fours. He spoke sweet wards. He was as intelligent as he was lovely. At the age of five Vardhamana did not know what fear was. He used to go fearlessly anywhere at any time. Once he was playing with his friends. A wild elephant began to run towards the playground. The elephant crushed under its feet anything that crossed its path. It struck with its trunk anyone who came in its way. Seeing this from a distance the playmates of Vardhamana began to shiver. They ran helter-skelter. But Vardhamana, fearless, stood still and firm. The elephant saw the little boy. It stretched its trunk. The boy quickly escaped. The elephant lifted its trunk once again. Vardhamana rushed forward and held its trunk, put his foot on its knee and quickly climbed over its crown, sat on its neck, patted its cheek and brought the elephant under control. He took the elephant to the palace. No danger could dim his courage. So he came to be known as Mahaveera.

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Vardhaman brought the elephant under control
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