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Vardhamana's Birth

Priyakarini became pregnant. Summer dawned. It was the year 599 B.C. On the morning of Monday, the thirteenth day in the first fortnight of Chaithra (the first month of summer), a boy was born. With lightning speed the news was carried to the king.

The nurses made way for Siddhartha as soon as he arrived. A decorated cradle by the side of the cot - a living jewel inside it! This was the light the two spirits had brought forth, the young and bright hope of their family.

Siddhartha seemed to fill his sight with Priyakarini. He spoke to her to his heart's content. And Priyakarini forgot all the pain of childbirth.

It was the eleventh day after the birth of the child. The child was to be given a name. Kundapura wore a festive appearance. There was joy everywhere. Green festoons smiled everywhere and rows of lights brightened every house in the night.

Everyone received a generous gift. Every citizen of Kundapura got a Gadyana (a gold coin). The poor were fed. Prisoners were set free and given food and clothing. Every one wished Siddhartha's son joy and prosperity. The citizens named the child as Vardhamana. The parents called him Veera.

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