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A Visitor

The hut belonged to the surrounding settlement of the fishermen. The leader of the settlement was Dasha. That evening he had just come back home and was eating his evening meal. He had brought up a girl Satyavati, as his daughter. She was attending to him. It was a lonely I and only they two lived there. The other stood beyond the grove. The fisherman had a sharp ear and he must he heard some noise outside. He called daughter: "Satyavati, go and see what I matter is."

The daughter flapped aside the and peeped out.

"Father, somebody is there."

"Who is it?"

"I cannot say. No one I have seen."

"What does he look like

"He has tied his hair into a tuft on the head. He has a string of beads around I neck. A wand and a holy water-pot are his hand. He is wearing wooden sand, and clothes made of bark."

"young or old?"

"May be he is young.... With all that beard and moustache of his, how can I tell his age?" Satyavati said, with a laugh.

"Daughter dear, he must be some sage, a 'rishi'. May be, he wants to cross the river, But I am still eating. Please go Yourself. Take him on the boat to the other side. If you delay, he may grow angry and curse us. Please hurry up, child."

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Veda Vyasa - A Great Sage who gave the world 'The Mahabharata'..
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