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"Come With Me, Mother"

After many years king Pandu died. Once again Satyavati thought of the great Vyasa. He came and console every one. He told them not to lose courage. By that time, Satyavati had grow very old and weak. She had suffered many misfortunes. Vyasa sympathised with her and said: "Mother, it is better for you to come with me to the forest. It is better you spend the rest of your life in a peaceful meditation and prayer. shall find a good place for you. You will love it."

Satyavati agreed. Her daughters-in-law too were eager to follow her. But the children and the elders at home opposed the idea. They tearfully entreated them not to go. Vyasa was there to console and advise them. A crowd followed them up to the gates of the city. Vyasa sent the people back with difficulty.

Vyasa and the old women kept walking for many days. They entered a thick forest. They stopped at the foot of a hill. There were huge trees around, nearby flowed a gurgling stream, thickly dotted with flowers. It was a well-shaded place. There was ample drinking water. Vyasa collected leaves and branches of trees and erected a neat cottage for his mother. He taught her how to make a cup out of the lotus leaves. He showed her how to fetch water when she was thirsty. She learnt from him, also, how to collect wild roots and berries for food. He stayed there for four days, looking after the comforts of hi mother.

The time for parting was drawing, closer. That day came. He bowed down at her feet and begged her to IE him go. He knew he would not be able to see her again. He was a 'rishi', no doubt, and he was calm. But even he could not contain his sorrow. Satyavati lifted up his head lovingly and embraced him there were tears in her eyes, too. "Good bye, I wish that you live for a thousand years, happy and renowned" she blessed him.

After his departure, the three women Satyavati, Ambika and Ambalika lived just like the hermits of the forest. They lived on the wild fruits and roots. They spent heir last days in prayer.

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