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The Vision of the Dead

Many days passed.

Dhritarashtra, Gandhari and Kunti grew' very old. They were tired of the noise and bustle of the palace. They longed for the calm and peace of the forest. Yudhishthira and others were unwilling to let them go, but finally agreed. Vyasa heard the news. He came part of the way to meet them.

He took to his forest dwelling. They lived peacefully for a month.

Then Gandhari began to wish to see her dead children; Kunti longed to see Kama; Dhritarashtra expressed a similar desire to see the dead. Vyasa wanted the Pandavas to be present on the occasion. He sent word to them. One day they assembled on the banks of the Ganga. They eagerly waited for the nightfall '

Late at night Vyasa stood in the river and called out the names of the dead, on, by one. One after another they appeared: on the river bank. On one side stood Duryodhana and all his brothers. On the other were Karna, Abhimanyu and others Friends and relatives who were deal, appeared, parents, children and brothers -they all felt joy beyond description. The night seemed just a minute. When the Morning came those who had come from other worlds disappeared.

Thirty-six years passed.

One day, Lord Krishna gave up his mortal body. Arjuna. was miserable and he could not bear the pain of separation. He went to Vyasa and expressed his deep grief. Vyasa spoke to him words of great wisdom. "You are lamenting in vain, Arjuna' Krishna came to this world on some mission. He fulfilled the mission, and left this world. That was his will. Let us cherish his memory. You have also ruled for a number of years. You have earned a good name. The Dwapara Yuga is almost over. It is better for you all, too, to go to heaven. Give this message to Yudhishthira." Arjuna carried Vyasa's message to Yudhishthira.

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