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The Lovers

The daughter came out of the hut hastily. The man pointed his finger at the boat. Timidly she walked and united the tether. He took a single leap and sat in the boat. The girl got into the boat, too. She sat in a corner and took out the oars.

She rowed on slowly. The boat drifted slowly towards the opposite bank.

He gazed at her. She was beautiful like the moonlight. But a foul smell emanated from her body. He covered nose because he just could not bear smell. It occurred to him that she would a fine companion to him if she did r smell so. He rid her of the foul smell with the power of his tapas. He covered her with the sweet fragrance of Kasturi (the musk). She understood it. She beamed a s and so did he. Just then the boat can to a mound in the river. It was rich with plants and trees. Colourful birds we hopping about from tree to tree. The two got off the boat and stayed there for some time. By then they had become true companions.

He was the 'rishi' Parashara. Vyasa was the son of these two.

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Veda Vyasa - A Great Sage who gave the world 'The Mahabharata'..
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