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"Treat Them as Your Children"

Just then, Vyasa came. He spoke comforting words: "O King, console yourself. You are the eldest, and you ought not to lose heart thus." Dhritarashtra cried desperately: I do not desire to live a longer. All my children are gone. What is the good of my life now?"

"Why do you talk a mad man, Dhritarashtra? These things were destined to happen and your children were bound to come to this fate. Remember the words of Yudhishthira. Did he not offer to give up all enmity even offered to give up his claim to the empire. He was ready to yield if Duryodhana gave him just five villages. But Duryodhana refused. The Kauravas were impious and the Pandavas were pious. You reap only what you sow. Who can help it? Isn't it strange that you should know all this and yet cry like this? Go home and take back the Pandavas into fold. Treat them like your own children." Your Thus Vyasa consoled the old man and sent him home from the battlefield.

Although Yudhisthira was a warrior, he was very tender-hearted. The Kauravas had wronged them cruelly and the Pandavas had to kill them; there was no other way. But Yudhishthira burned with grief. When he met Gandhari, he was deeplydisturbed. He felt as though he had himself wronged her. He and his brothers stood tearful before her. They fell at her feel Dhritarashtra was born blind. And his wife Gandhari had tied her eyes blindfold, it sympathy with her blind husband. In her children died she was broken hearted She was a very pure woman, devoted to her husband. In her sorrow and anger, she was about to curse the Pandavas. When Yudhishthira and his brothers touched her feet her face grew red with anger. Her lips trembled. She was on the point of uttering a curse.

Vyasa was there at hand. He could foresee that delay would prove fatal. He put his hand gently on her head and said:

"Look here, child! I am Vyasa. I am here. Gandhari feared him and held back the curse.

"Daughter, check your anger. How are the Pandavas to blame? They have keep to the path of Dharma. Let bygones

bygones. Comfort yourself. Think that the Pandavas are your own children," said Vyasa. Gandhari listened to these words of Vyasa, the supreme head of the family. She hung her head in shame and sorrow. She touched the feet of the mighty sage. She contained her grief, called the Pandavas to her side and embraced them with affection.

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i am Vyasa, I am here
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