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"This Is Not Right"

King Dhritarashtra was no doubt a good man. But his sons were wicked and wilful. Right from the beginning they were jealous of the Pandavas. They hated to see them prosper. They wanted to cheat them somehow of their empire. They went on secretly plotting. Their uncle Shakuni was their adviser. He got up a dice-throwing match. It was nothing but a form of wicked gambling. Dhritarashtra knew that it was all evil. So did Vidura. But the Kauravas never listened to their good counsel. Besides, Dhritarashtra was not frank and firm like Vidura. After all, the Kauravas were his own sons and he loved them too much.

Yudhishthira, the eldest of the Pandavas, lost all his kingdom in the gambling match. That was exactly what the Kauravas wanted. They took away everything from the Pandavas. They allowed the Pandavas nothing but the clothes they wore.

Vyasa came to know of all the happenings. He hurried to Hastinavati. Dhritarashtra received him in his palace He touched his feet and sated him on, elevated chair. Dhritarashtra was a little nervous because he felt guilty. He fear that Vyasa would speak about the fate the Pandavas. In fact that was just the purpose of Vyasa's visit. Vyasa said to the king: "Dritarashtra, you are the head the family. Do you think you have treated the Pandavas fairly? They have been ousted from their home and hearth. Could you not have stopped it? Why did you n, advise your sons against such an action'

Dhritarashtra was speechless. He stood with his head bent in shame.

Just then Vidura came there. He bowed to Vyasa. "Why, Vidura, did you not advise the foolish Kauravas? How could you? suffer these things to happen?" Vyasa asked.

Vidura felt ashamed. There were tears in his eyes. He was very fond of the Pandavas. He sadly confessed: "yes.'

Dhritarashtra tried to dissuade his sons. So did 1. But the wicked Kauravas did not listen to us."

Vyasa looked angrily at Dhritarashtra and spoke tauntingly: "0 King, you have always known the nature of your children.

Of all your children, Duryodhana is the wickedest. He does not hesitate to do the worst. You know it. But blinded by your foolish love, you were helpless. That was why you let these things happen, was it not?"

Dhritarashtra was utterly humbled was speechless. He knew that Vyasa spoken truthfully.

Vyasa thundered: "Your sons destined to bring ruin on themselves. That is why they are so evil. Those that ruined thePandavas will come to no good. What a pity! You all forget that Lord Krishna himself is on their side. Advise Your children, and particularly Duryodhana to restore the kingdom to the Pandavas. The Kauravas will be destroyed if they earn the enmity of the Pandavas. Your sons I pay heavily for their sins. Remember r words." So saying, Vyasa left the place great wrath. Dhritarashtra heard the terrible words and trembled. He knew that the words of a 'rishi' would never prove false.

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Your sons will pay heavily for their sins
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