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"Patience for a While"

Vyasa went into the forest looking the Pandavas. After a few days he came to the place where they were living. I Pandavas were delighted to see the 'rishi’ who came unexpectedly. The Pandavs bowed down to the 'rishi'.They had prepared some gruel for their meal. They offered it to the 'rishi' and then partook o of what was left. Vyasa was overjoyed their warmth and hospitality. When they began to talk of their life in the forest Draupadi could not hold back her tea Vyasa was deeply touched. He said "Daughter, don't grieve. These hardship won't last long. By and by, Dharma (righteousness) will triumph and Adharma (evil) will fall. For the present, you ha to put up with these sorrows. The Pandav are pious and heroic. The very purpose of their birth is to uproot the Kauravas. Do not weep."

The Pandavas felt comforted. Vyasa spent a couple of days with them. Then the Pandavas continued their journey.

The enmity between the Pandavas and the Kauravas did not end. A conflict became inevitable. A terrible war broke out and it went on for eighteen days.

Vysas frequently visited the Pandavas on the battlefield. He looked after their welfare. One day, Yudhishthira met Duryodhana on the battlefield. Yudhishthira was very angry and wanted to kill him. He fixed an arrow and was about to bend his bow. All of a sudden came Vyasa and stopped Yudhishthira. He said: "That is not your work. It is your brother Bheema who has vowed to kill Duryodhana. Leave it to him." Yudhishthira obeyed and turned h chariot in another direction.

Later, a duel was fought between Bheema and Duryodhana. At the end, with is club Bheema struck Duryodhana on the

Thigh and felled him to the ground, Dhritarashtra heard that his son was dying, He came to the battlefield with Vidura. His grief was beyond words. He fell down and wept bitterly.

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