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The Lion among Men

His firm voice showed he was ready to die. It unnerved those that had come to take him. The officer said with great difficulty, "Yes." The hero shut the Koran he was reading, put it under his arm, stood up and said, "Let us go."

He stood six feet tall, with a broad chest; he was strong as steel and had the heart of a lion. His beard added charm to his face.There was always a smile of firmness on his lips and it shone even now.

The hero in chains walked upright and with a firm mind between soldiers who led him to the hangman's post. Those who were there forgot their position and prestige and gazed on him with wonder and admiration. Once at the foot of the steps leading to the post, he covered them in two leaps and stood facing the post. When they removed the chains, lie put forward his arms, drew the rope towards him and kissed it. He said, "My hands are not soiled with the murder of man. The charge against me is false. God will give me justice."

Then he prayed in clear ringing tones "La ilahi il Allah, Mohammed Ur Rasool Allah."

The hangman's noose came round his neck. The moment the lever was pressed, the plank on which he stood moved quickly and he went down into the pit below. He joined the band of the brave immortal heroes of the land.

This hero was Ashfaqulla,the revolutionary.

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Ashfaqulla Khan - The Pathan patriot who dedicated his life for the freedom of India
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