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Towards Revolution

Ashfaqulla was born in the early part of the twentieth century in Shahjahanpur of Uttar
Pradesh. Shafiqulla Khan was his father. In 1921 Ashfaq was in the High School. India
was still a subject country. All over India the clouds of the noncooperation movement were gathering. Mahatma Gandhi was the leader of the movement. He called on Indians not to pay taxes to the government and not to cooperate with the British. The call of Gandhiji had kindled the fire of freedom in the hearts of all Indians. But at a place called Chauri Chaura people forgot nonviolence and became violent. In their anger against the
British, they burnt some policemen.Gandhi became sad on hearing this. It pained him
much. So he called of the non-cooperation movement in February 1922. The youth of the country were greatly disappointed and dejected on account of this.

Ashfaqulla was one such dejected youth. The country should become free as early as possible - this was his yearning and so he joined the revolutionaries. It was then that he decided to win the friendship of Ramaprasad, the revolutionary of Shahjahanpur.

Pandit Ramaprasad Bismil was already a famous revolutionary. He had been collecting weapons and money by dacoity under the leadership of a teacher,Gendalal Dixit.

Ashfaq had one great difficulty in winning the friendship of Ramaprasad. Ramaprasad was a member of the Arya Samaj. He was eager to explain the greatness of the Hindu Religion to those
belonging to other religions; he was eager to take back to the Hindu fold those who
wished to return. He had almost taken a vow to do this. Ashfaq was a devout Muslim.

But Ashfaq's religion did not come in the way of his attempt to win the friendship of
Ramaprasad. He met Ramaprasad once in his own school. 'Who knows who he is? A
Muslim student. He may not really wish to become a revolutionary; it may all besham" - so ran Ramaprasad's thoughts. So his talk was formal and not very friendly. Ashfaq noticed his reserve. But he did not give up his attempt. They had some common friends. With their help Ashfaq tried to convince Ramaprasad of his sincerity. Fortunately Ramaprasad and Ashfaq's brother were classmates. On account of his untiring efforts they became friends. They ate together and lived the revolutionary lives together. In the end both became martyrs on the same day but in different jails.

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