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We Need Money, But Where Is It?

The revolutionary party lacked one thing - money. To get arms, to maintain the members and to canvasa support for the party, money was needed. They raised some money by way of subscriptions from members. Some of them got money from their homes by either begging of stealing. Some got it from friends. But they needed thousands to reach the goal. Money was needed for the nation's work - but how could they get it?

Under the leadership of Ramaprasad, they looted some villages. Ashfaq took part in
these activities with his brother's licensed rifle. Even the money they get by such looting and dacoity was not enough for their activities, because they got just one or two hundred rupees in some villages.

Moreover, Ramaprasad was not happy about looting the villages; true, the money was used to fight for the country'sfreedom; but the villagers were their own country men, and Ramaprasad did not like to harm them.

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