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Here It Is!

One day Ramaprasad was travelling by train from Shahjahanpur to Lucknow. He got off the compartment when the train stopped at a station and stood watching. At one station he noticed the stationmaster bringing a bag of money and getting into the Guard's Van. He wanted to watch more closely. So he took his seat in the compartment next to the Guard's. At every station he noticed moneybags being taken into the Guard's Van. They were dropped into an iron safe. At Lucknow he observed that there were no special security arrangements. He ran up and noted down the time and number of the train from  the timetable. It was a No. down train. He calculated that the money would amount to at least ten thousand rupees. He decided pot to miss this chance.

This was the beginning of a Iater dacoity at Kakori.

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