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The Lion Escapes

A month passed after the Kakori Dacoity, and yet no one was arrested. But the
Government had spread a big net.

On the morning of September 26, 1925, Ramaprasad was arrested. Before the police could arrest Ashfaq he hadescaped from his home and concealed himself in a sugarcane field half a mile from his home. His friends used to send him food only at night hoodwinking the police. The police grew tired of searching for Ashfaq. They withdrew his brother's gun license and took away his rifle. All except Ashfaq had been taken into custody. Therefore he thought it useless to conceal himself near Shahjahanpur. He got some money from home and left the place. He wanted to go to Kasi. There were a few revolutionaries there, who had escaped. He wanted to consult them and then decide the next course of action. He managed to reach Kasi after a difficult journey. He met a few
friends in the Benares University. They advised him to live quietly at least for some time. With the help of these friends he went to Bihar. He got a job as a clerk in an engineering firm at Daltonganj inPalamu District. No one knew who lie was. He told
them that he was from a farmer's family in Mathura. He worked in the firm for about ten months.

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