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Revolutionaries Come Together

Mahatma Gandhi withdrew his non- cooperation movement. After this revolutionary ideas grew strong among the youth in the country. The British Empire was large and strong. It had a big army and powerful weapons. Could soft words make the British leave India? Surely they could not. Therefore the young revolu- tionaries believed in violence.They wanted,to make use of revolvers, bombs and other weapons to fight the British.They  wanted to create a sense of fear in the hearts of the British, so that they would leave India. As a result of this strong belief, the scattered revolut  -ionaries became united and strong. Kasi (Varanasi) was the centre of their activities. They formed the 'Hindusthan Republican Association'. Their main object was to win freedom for the country through armed revolution.

This Association published a manifesto called 'Krantikari' in 1925, spelling out its aims and objectives. It was brought out on the same day in all towns from Calcutta to Lahore. The Government was scared. The manifesto explained the goals of the Association. I,t said it was wrong for one man to become rich by making another man work hard ; it was also wrong for one man to be the master of another. The Association wanted to put an end such things. Ramaprasad became the chief organizer of the Shahjahanpur wing of  the Association. With his experience he was an asset to the Association.

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